Fairy tales don’t  have happy endings. 

We are fooled into thinking that love is easy and it’s a fairytale that completes us. From the time we are young til we come to adulthood. We chase an ever fleeting sense that love in itself will complete us. So we go from person to person as frogs leaping from lily pad to lily pad. We chase our prince and princess, never find the toad  that eludes us. Then we view from our vantage points as those prince and princess around us get swept away for a dance that leads to their happy ever after. Viewing the dances, balls and gowns never seeing the setup, sowing or tear downs that go on to make them magical. So we grow angry, bitter and become one of Cinderella’s sisters. Where all in all the love that we saught after, yearned for never comes. We sleep in our dungeons, shackled by our fears, guarded by our pasts and illuminated by the dim lights of our ever fading hope. All dressed in our best in hopes that no one reveals what’s hiding behind the dresses, suits or makeup.  Amongst all this despair we hold on to that hope, that one day our prince or princess will come alongside us. Where we will be in our last hopes and they will wrap their hands around and we will set our weight on them. Where we no longer look for a completion but rather a partner to hold you up when you are down. A partner to wipe the tears away when all hope seems lost. A partner to bring the utmost joyous exhubrance from within us, that makes us wonder if we were ever human. No we don’t need a completion for that would mean that we are done. We are never done in the case of love but ever growing and diving deeper into who we are, what we are able to endure, what we are willing to overcome. In the end when we are writing our final chapters, we will write in detail what it means to love and to have lived lifetimes before we take our final dance.